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30 October 2011 @ 11:28 pm
Alexwhore's Quick and Dirty Guide on How to Chase  
HIIIIII GUYS IT'S ME, YOUR RESIDENT RAINBOW PEGASUS PONY CHASER! Beth asked me to make a post about how Chasers go about answering and tackling questions for the benefit of both beater/keepers for coming up with unchasable questions as well as for alt chasers who might not have as much experience. :3 This is obviously only how I go about things, so other Chasers PLEASE feel free to chime in with things I might have missed in comments. In addition, if anyone has ANY questions please ask! No question is too stupid....all of us were beginners at one point. OK. READY? AWESOME LET'S GET TO IT.

I'm going to do this in list/bullet point form so I can keep it marginally organized and not go off on a bajillion tangents.

Before we continue, make sure to read my post on effective PDF searching. That post also has a link to PDF downloads. Done? It's ok, I'll wait. Awesome! Moving on.

1. First and foremost in chasing is coordinating with the other chasers. It's possible to chase alone, but I really really don't like doing so. Think about it, would you rather a full workload or a third of it? Having other chasers there allows you to break things up a bit more. Even though it's possible to search all the books in the same search, it's still super handy to be able to have someone search the internet and someone else hunting the PDFs and the third person trying a different angle/search term. Chasers have a separate chaserchat on AIM for game time that we use to coordinate and break up work/check answers with each other. One thing to keep in mind as a chaser for chat is to make sure to periodically pop into chat to see if someone else got the answer first. Mainly if you see the window blinking that it has a new IM. In that same vein, LOL CHASERS DON'T BABBLE IN CHAT WHEN WE HAVE THE QUAFFLE. Trash talk/chat all you want when the beaters/keeper are up, but don't make the chat window blink unnecessarily when we are hunting for answers. LOL BITCHY BUT TRUEEEEEEEE


2. Ok now on to how to tackle a question. Is a question worded in a really roundabout way? DON'T PANIC. Break it down. I'm going to use one of erzsebet's questions from the last practice post as an example.

A character, who was killed by a Death Eater whose specialty was an attack the same color as worn by the headmaster during his first appearance, is said to dress like another character. Who are the similarly dressed characters?

When you first read the question all at the same time, it's a bit overwhelming no? This is a popular way to make a relatively straight forward question more difficult and time consuming. This is pretty much 4 questions in one. The first part of the meta-questions that caught my attention was worn by the headmaster during his first appearance. I knew off the top of my head that this was purple because that is what he was wearing when he dropped Harry off at the Dursley's. So the question now becomes

A character, who was killed by a Death Eater whose specialty was an attack that is purple, is said to dress like another character. Who are the similarly dressed characters?

Now, you COULD search the PDFs for the word purple. That would be inefficient because it's a really common word. Instead, in cases like this you are best off searching the lexicon or the HP Wiki. I normally start with the lexicon, especially for stuff like spells or super minor characters or creatures. DO NOT USE THE LEXICON'S SEARCH TOOL. It suuuuucks. Use google. For those who may not know how to use google to search only within a specific website, type in "site:hp-lexicon.org" before what you want to search for. Adding "purple spell" will show you in the 5th result that the Death Eater in question is Dolohov.

So now we are answering

A character, who was killed by a Dolohov, is said to dress like another character. Who are the similarly dressed characters?

Now to figure out who was killed by Dolohov. Again I search the lexicon, this time with "Dolohov killed" and BAM first result tells me in the preview that it's Remus. So which character is he compared to in fashion~? I thiiiiiiiiiink what I did was search the PDFs for "dress" without the whole words only option checked off. That allowed me to include variations like dressed and dresses. It resulted in 263 hits, but I knew I could ignore the 1st 2 books as Lupin first appears in PoA. In PoA I found this. “Look at the state of his robes,” Malfoy would say in a loud whisper as Professor Lupin passed. “He dresses like our old house elf.”. And who is Malfoy's old house elf? Dobby. So we have our answer of "Lupin and Dobby"

That question took me 5 minutes to answer because I didn't read it carefully enough and thought it was saying that the purple spell was the specialty of the person who got killed. But it's totally possible in 4 minutes if you stay calm and utilize really quick trial and error searching.


3. For almost every question you will need to figure out how to reword it to find the answer as (most) beaters and keepers reword questions to make them harder to search in the PDFs. Let's discuss how to do so. Ok time to tackle this question from the beater/keeper try outs (Um. Idk whose it was as it was anon. SORRY!)

What caused a massive amount of white frozen liquid to slide down a mountain one early morning?

Ok. What is a frozen white liquid? Frozen liquid could be ice or snow. But if it's sliding down a mountain and it's white we are dealing with snow. You COULD search for snow in the books. That wouldn't work out too well both because it's Scotland so they deal with snow a lot, but also because snow sliding down a mountain? Avalanche. There are only 3 instances in all of the books of that word and the first one is

“Well, we waited till morning, didn’ want ter go sneakin’ up on ‘em in the dark, fer our own safety,” said Hagrid. “Bout three in the mornin’ they fell asleep jus’ where they was sittin’. We didn’ dare sleep. Fer one thing, we wanted ter make sure none of ‘em woke up an’ came up where we were, an’ fer another, the snorin’ was unbelievable. Caused an avalanche near mornin’.

This is during him talking about being an envoy to the giants. So. Bam. Giant snoring. That took 2 minutes. It only took that long because I first searched the internet for snow falling and then avalanche before taking it to the books. Again, quick trial and error. You can quickly see that searching snow falling really doesn't bring up anything that could be the answer, so instead of wading through those results just take another approach.

Another example of quickly trying to think up synonyms is Which character is said to closely resemble a wizard who was aurally injured by a root vegetable?. This question was used in the last game of Puff vs Slyth. We also had this question for the chaser trials. Just....with different wording. Super quick google search tells me aurally means in relation to the ear. And root vegetable? We are probably dealing with a turnip, radish, beet or potato. Super quick book search just talks about Luna's earrings for radish, but when you use turnip you get “The man people believe to be Sirius Black is actually Stubby Boardman, lead singer of popular singing group The Hobgoblins, who retired fro m public life after being struck on the ear by a turnip at a concert in Little Norton Church Hall nearly fifteen years ago.. So Sirius it issssss. Not Albus Dumbledore like Hufflepuff answered (LOOOOOOL PUFF. Hm. I should stop being cocky and elitist about Quidditch. But let's be honest. That's not happening)


4. Most importantly, you need strong canon knowledge. Rereading the books is not only super fun, but helps refresh you for Quidditch trivia. Besides being able to answer some of the easier questions just off the top of your head and thus helping to crush the spirits of the other team as you slay their questions, it will help you know where to look.

I have a super short attention span so I can't think of anything else to put in here. Anyone have anything else they want to know? Additions? IDEK
And my body was loose and I was set: HiH: chaser xivalight on October 31st, 2011 07:47 am (UTC)